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2012-2013 Weekly Briefings



WB#14025: Summer School Teachers of Science-Grades
        7 and 8 Course Recovery
WB#14024: Summer 2013 Professional Development
        at FIU for teachers of Physical Science and Biology
WB#13991:  Biscayne Nature Center
       for Environmental Education (BNCEE) Field Trip
       Registration Information
WB#13985:  New Procedures to Request the Maritime & Science        Technology (MAST) Academy Landsharc and
       Weather on Wheels (WOW) Mobile Science Labs
WB13984FIU Summer Geoscience Experience for
        Students Entering Grades 9 12 in the Fall
WB#13919:  Be Kind to Animals Week During the
        Month of May Lesson Plan and Video
WB#13905: Elementary DIML with FSBD Code ISBN 2012-2013
WB#13905: Secondary DIML with FSBD Code ISBN 2012-2013


WB#13748:  Summer Research in Ecology Science
        Program for Teachers and Students Application Deadline
WB#13747:  Teaching Inquiry Workshop for Science Teachers


WB#12940:  The Adventures of Charlie Pierce: The Last Egret
WB#13561  Dade County Science Teacher Association
        (DCSTA) Teacher of the Year (TOY) Application
        and Awards Banquet
WB#13524:  Earth Day 2013


WB#13491:  HHMI Scholars Research Program
WB#13489:  Brain Bee and Brain Jeopardy Competitions
WB#13391: Updates on Science FCAT 2.0
        and Biology EOC Performance Levels
Wb#13433:  Opportunity to Participate in the SUMMIT
        Grant Grades 3-5


WB#13349: Science District PD Sessions on 2-1-2013


WB#12905:  Nominees Needed For Central Florida
        Assessment Collaborative Item Bank Development
WB#12894:  ScienceCourseProgression
WB#12983: Dade County Science Teacher Association
        STEM Annual Conference


WB#12983:  Dade County Science Teacher Association STEM        Annual Conference


WB#12894:  Science Course Progression
WB#12892: Science Competitions
WB#12891:  Availability of Elementary Science Professional        Development
WB#12890:  Needs Assessment Survey for the Florida TEMTIPS        Initiative for NEW Math and Science Teachers
WB#12862: Professional Development for Community Based        Organizations(CBO's)
WB#12792: The Cleveland Clinic Distance Learning Schedule        for 2012/2013
WB#12684: Training for the New High School Textbooks for         Biology and Chemistry


WB#12640: Explore Learning Gizmo Trainings for        Administrators
WB#12641: Availability of PowerPoint Presentationon Severe        Weather Conditions
WB#12642: Distribution of SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT Video        Series
WB#12644: Biology 1 End-of-Course (EOC) Assessment Fact        Sheet
WB#12583: Science Fair Coordinator Meetings
WB#12584: 2012-2013 Professional Development Schedule for        Teachers of Physical Science and Biology
WB#12582: Availability of Grade 5 Science Essential        Laboratories for Quarters 1 and 2
WB#12546: SECME School Program Registration Information        and Event Schedule
WB#12509: Science Professional Development Targeting        Instruction for Each Nine-Week Grading Period
WB#12508: DCSTA Annual Fall Meeting
WB#12505: NASA Recommend Discontinuation of Student        Paper Rocket Launcher Activity


WB#12451: All SH School Ps/APs and Teachers: 12012/2013        Schedule for Science Dept. Chair and Science Coach Dialogues        at Non-ETO Schools
WB#12450:  All MS and K-8 Center P/APs and        Teachers:2012/2013 Science Department Chairperson and        Science Coach Dialogues for Non-ETO Schools
WB#12449: All ES and K-8 Center P/APs and Teachers:        2012-2013 Schedule for Elementary Science Leaders - Coaches        Dialogues at Non- ETOSchools
WB#12419:  All MS and K-8 Principals/APs and Teachers - New         Biology Honors State - Adopted Textbook Online Access Codes
WB#12415:  All SH School Principals/APs and Teachers - New        Science State - Adopted Textbooks Online Access Codes
WB#12405:  Required Community Water Safety Course for        Teachers Attending the BNCEE Field Trip
WB#12389:  All SH School Princiapls/APs - Science Department        Chairpersons and Leader - Coach Contact Information Request
WB#12388:  All MS and K-8 Principal/-APs - Science Department        Chairpersons and Science Leader/Coach Contact Information        Request
WB#12387:  Elementary Science Leader/Coach Contact         Information Request
WB#12346:  Biscayne Nature Center for
        Environmental Education (BNCEE) Field Trip Information
WB#12329:  Quarterly Science Benchmark Assessments         Available for K-4,6,7, Physical Science and Chemistry
WB#12279:  Go Bananas Challenge
WB#12278:  MS and K-8 Center Principals/AP's and Teachers -        Textbook Alignment To Science Topics
WB#12204: New FIU Graduate Certificates in Mathematics         and Science Education (All)
WB#12200:  Physical Science Content and Pacing PD
WB#12199:  Biology 1 Content and Pacing PD
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