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  • STEAM SCHOLARS BANQUETCelebrating the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics STARS of Miami Dade County Public Schools.
  • STE(A)M GardensAn extension of the classsroom.
  • Robotics In STE(A)MPromote real-life engineering through sportsmanship.
  • Partnerships In STE(A)MPartnerships impact students and promote success.
  • Arts In STE(A)MVisual and Performing Arts play a vital part in STE(A)M.
STEAM SCHOLARS BANQUET1 STE(A)M Gardens2 Robotics In STE(A)M3 Partnerships In STE(A)M4 Arts In STE(A)M5

STEAM and STEM School Designations


M-DCPS Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and now with the addition of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) School Designation program’s primary goal is to promote STEAM and STEM education and integration among its disciplines.

The STEAM and STEM school designation criteria includes: STEM competitions, professional development, partnerships, equity and accountability. In addition, the STEAM and STEM School Designation will strengthen science, mathematics, visual and performing arts, accelerated and Career and Technical offerings.

Schools that meet the designations will be promoted to the community to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the great choices M-DCPS offers in the areas of STEAM and STEM education. Three distinct recognition levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) will be offered to schools to encourage on-going growth and performance in the area of STEAM and STEM.

    Elementary School


    Middle School

    High School