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SECME: STEAM Force - The Brain Awakens
2017-2018 Competition Booklet



Students create banners based on the Olympiad's theme. Banners must contain the school mascot and SECME logo. Each school must have one (1) entry. Schools will parade with their banners at the opening session of the Olympiad.

Bionic/Robotic Hand Kit Exposition Event

Students bring a pre-constructed robotic/bionic hand designed from a kit. Presentations will be judged based on innovative engineering, effective presentation, most realistic prosthesis, and product demonstration. Teams present orally and visually with the aid of multimedia. Each school may submit only one (1) entry (middle and senior high school only
.Bionic/Robotic Hand Competiton


The Miami Brain Bee competition is now open for registration! The Miami Brain Bee will be held on Saturday, February 10 from 1-3 pm at the Miami Dade STEAM Expo at the Miami Dade College North campus. The Brain Bee is similar to a spelling bee, where students compete as individuals and tested on their knowledge of neuroscience. Any information in the Brain Facts study guide is fair game for the competition. Winners will receive prizes and the first place winner will be eligible to compete in the USA National Brain Bee. For more information, contact miamibrainbee. Study guides are available at: Brainfacts. Register at https://tinyurl.com/miamibrainbee18.
Info message BrainBee 2018


Students compete against the clock and each other in a contest filled with science questions. Each school may enter one (1) team consisting of four (4) students in the Brain- Bowl competition.


Students build bass wood bridges to pre-determined specifications. Bridges are then tested at the Olympiad. The winner is determined by the most efficient bridge within the specifications. Two individual members from the winning high school team(s) willrepresent SECME at the International Bridge Contest. Each school may submit one preconstructed bridge in this team event.

Egg-Drop Container

Students build containers that meet pre-determined specifications. At the Olympiad, an uncooked egg is placed in the container and dropped from an initial height of 15 meters. The smallest volume container that protects the egg after being dropped at the final height is deemed the winner. Each middle and senior high school may submit one egg-drop container. The eggs will be supplied at the competition.


Students write essays at their schools. Each school must submit one (1) essay. Entries received after that date are not eligible for inclusion in the competition (individual event).

FPL Generator Build

Students will work in teams minimum 2, maximum 4 to construct a generator and measure the voltage output. The voltage must be generated using electromagnetic induction (no static electricity, photovoltaic, etc.) and the design should produce a continuous voltage, not a single spike. Team will be interviewed by judges (written and oral) and will provide a drawing and one page abstract.

Mousetrap Car

Students build cars that are propelled by the spring of a mousetrap.
    All teams must have:
  • Mousetrap Car (constructed and running)
  • Design drawing of Mousetrap Car
  • Technical report on Mousetrap Car
  • A combination of the scores from the race, the report, and the drawing is used to determine the winner.
  • Each school may enter one Mousetrap Car.

Mathematics Challenge

Student teams use a variety of strategies to solve mathematics problems using tools such as graphing calculators, calculators, rulers, and manipulatives. The winner is determined by the first team to submit the most correct answers within an hour. Each school may enter one (1) team consisting of four (4) students in the mathematics competition.

Patent Pending: Innovation to Action

Teams of 25 students solve problems using prototyping through web or mobile app development or physical prototyping

Perspectives STEM Video Challenge

Students create brief, standards-aligned resources in teams of up to 3 highlighting experiences and thoughts regarding math and science from experts, teachers, professionals, and skilled enthusiasts.

Vex Robotics

Students follow specific instructions to complete an engineering design task in three-member teams using VEX Robotics technology (Senior High schools only).

Water Bottle Rocket

Students build a rocket that must meet predetermined specifications. At the Olympiad, rockets will be "fueled" with 355 milliliters of water. The rocket with the greatest combined "hang time" and patch design score will be declared the winner. Each school may enter one (1) rocket built by a team consisting of three (3) students. All teams must have:  Water-Bottle Vehicle (constructed and launch-ready) and Team Patch.