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About SECME Festival

2016-20176 SECME Olympiad Booklet

On May 1, 1999, at Braddock Senior High School, Miami-Dade SECME program held the first elementary festival. Eight schools participated in six events: Banner, Design & Build, Essay, Go-Cart, Mathematics, and Posters. Students had an exciting day filled with mathematics and science activities that had parents, and younger siblings yearning to participate. In a unique effort to make SECME a true K-12 collaboration, high school SECME teachers and students acted as judges at the elementary festival.

The events started with the students parading their banners for the audience. This was followed by some brief remarks and a great big SECME YES! Then the mathematics teams got down to business. Once that was completed, they went on to the Design and Build Go-Carts . The closing Essay winner reading her Essay to the audience.

The goal of the Elementary SECME Program is to show students the impact mathematics and science has on their lives and to encourage them to continue taking mathematics and science courses in their secondary years.