South Florida Science And Engineering Fair
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2018 Fair Results

SFRSEF Bridge Awards 2018
SFRSEF Placement Awards 2018
SFRSEF Research Paper Awards 2018

2017 Fair Results

2017 SSEF Miami Results
SFRSEF Bridge Awards 2017
SFRSEF Placement Awards 2017
SFRSEF Research Paper Awards 2017
SFRSEF Special Area Awards 2017
SFRSEF State and International Finalist 2017

2016 Fair Results

SFRSEF General Awards
SFRSEF Bridge Competition Awards
SFRSEF Research Paper Awards
SFRSEF Special Area Awards
SFRSEF SSEF and ISEF Finalists

2015 Fair Results

Bridge Building Results
Project Board Results
Research Paper Results

2014 Fair Results

SFRSEF Bridge Competition
SFRSEF Research Paper Competition

2013 Fair Results

SSEF and ISEF Finalist 2013
Science Fair Awards list 2013 Miami Dade         County
Bridges Awards List 2013 Miami Dade County
Research Paper Awards List 2013 Miami         Dade County

2012 Fair Results

High School Special Area Awards
Middle School Special Area Awards
RSEF Finalists
RSEF HS Project Boards
RSEF MS Project Boards
RSEF International Bridge Competition
RSEF Research Paper

2011 Fair Results

SSEF & ISEF Finalists   (See Pictures)
SSEF State Awards
RSEF Posters
RSEF Bridge
RSEF Research Paper

2010 Fair Results

SSEF & ISEF Finalists
RSEF Junior
RSEF Senior
RSEF Bridge
RSEF Research Paper

2009 Fair Results

SSEC & ISEF Finalists
SSEF Awards
Group Picture of Students at State
RSEF Junior South Area
RSEF Senior South Area
RSEF Junior North Area
RSEF Senior North Area

2008 Fair Results

RSEF Junior
RSEF Senior
RSEF Junior State Representatives
RSEF Senior State Representatives
RSEF Bridge
South Florida Science And Engineering Fair