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Why Science Fair

 Nine Reasons To Do A Project
 Why Science Fair
Friends of the Science Fair
 Friends of the Science Fair
Teach Your Students Success Through Science Fair
 Teach Your Students Success Through Science Fair
 Scientific Method
 The WOW!

 Abstract Writing Process
 Science Fair Research Process
Science Project Paper  Sample (Chicago Public Schools)
Research Plan Example (UT)
MLA and APA Formatting and Style Guide
Elements of Style for Journal Articles

The Board

 How Do I Build It (FOSF)
 Statistics Made Simple
Project Board Rubric
Alternative Judging Forms

Display and Safety

 D&S Inspection Training Powerpoint - San Jose 2010

Roles and Responsibilities

 ISEF Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Adults
 SRC 101 Powerpoint - 2011-2012
SRC Examples

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Research Paper Rubric

Online Science Fair Project Resources

Chemistry Behind Cleaning
Science Fair Central
Science Buddies
Science Fair Project Resouce Guide
Alternatives to Dissection
List of Project Ideas
Science Fair Project Ideas
Science Fair Idea Exchange
Mad Sci Network
Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects
Scientic Reagents and Supplies
Neuroscience For Kids
Dr. Shwn's Super Science Fair Support Center
Science Fair Central
Science Fair Presentation Dos and Don'ts
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Science Project Adison
Rubber, Plastic and More - Top Science Project Idea
Super Science Fair Support Center
Discovery Education

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