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Preparing Students for Safe and Healthy Work:  NIOSH/CDC M-DCPS Talking Safety Modules

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Preparing Students for Safe and Healthy Work: M-DCPS and NIOSH/CDC


Jimmy Abrams Award (picture)

Skills for safe and healthy work are vital to work, college and career readiness

Did you know that every minute, a young person in the United States is injured on the job?

Youth are twice as likely as adults to get hurt at work. By the time they finish high school, 80% of U.S. teens have held a job. But the vast majority of them enter the work force unprepared for the challenges-and hazards-they face.

That is why M-DCPS is collaborating with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to give students vital skills they need to stay safe and healthy on the job now–and throughout their lives.

NIOSH/CDC has created a free, customized, lesson for M-DCPS that you can use in your 8th grade science classes until the end of the school year. This lesson introduces students to workplace safety and health knowledge and skills. The lesson can be taught in 50 minutes, and all the materials are provided free of charge for you to download from this site. They include: a teacher's manual, PowerPoint presentation, and student certificate of participation. Also available is the PowerPoint presentation given by our NIOSH partners during the May 9th professional development.

Teaching Talking Safety today, can save a life tomorrow