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Miami-Dade County Public Schools recognizes that our community partners offer great STEAM opportunities to our schools, teachers and students throughout our Miami-Dade community. For more information for the events go to:  Community Events

 TALLAHASSEE, Fla., November 29, 2016 – Today, the Florida Department of Education unveiled a new website that will help Florida families make critical education decisions by enabling them to access school and district-level data and will better inform families about the state's college and career ready standards and the quality of learning taking place in their students' classrooms.
Making critical education descisions

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Science is not something mysterious. Being "scientific" involves being curious, observing, asking how things happen, and learning how to find the answers. Curiosity is natural to children, but they need help understanding how to make sense of what they see.

Bruno V. Manno, Acting Assistant Secretary Office of Educational Research and Improvement

What can a parent do to help his or her child prepare for success in science?

  • Set high expectations for your child and provide support in meeting those expectations.
  • Work with your child’s teacher to identify opportunities for enrichment or tutorials as needed.
  • Encourage your child to observe and question what is happening in the world around them.
  • Ask to see samples of your child’s work and ask questions as to whether or not the work is satisfactory; is your child on track; and how can you help your child improve or excel in a particular area.
  • Ask your child’s teacher for guidance on finding resources to help your child learn science beyond the regular school day.
  • Discuss science ideas with your child and have him or her explain these to you using pictures, graphs, etc.
  • Urge your child to use logical arguments to defend his or her thinking and provide explanations supported by facts, details and accurate computations.

What Is Science? Science is not just a collection of facts. Facts are a part of science. However, science is much more.

    It includes:
  • Observing what's happening;
  • Predicting what might happen;
  • Testing predictions under controlled conditions to see if they are correct; and
  • Trying to make sense of our observations.
  • Science also involves trial and error--trying, failing, and trying again.

Science does not provide all the answers. Things are always changing and we learn something new every day, so we have to be willing to make changes and adjustments to our knowledge when we discover something new.

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Questions, complaints or requests for additional information regarding discrimination or harassment may be sent to: Executive Director, Civil Rights Compliance Office, 155 NE 15 Street, Suite P-104E, Miami, Florida 33132; PH: 305-995-1580 or e-mail address: The District also provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other patriotic youth groups, as required by the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act