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Grade 5 Quarter 1

By Benchmark

SC.5.N.1.1 SC.5.N.1.4 SC.5.N.2.1 SC.5.P.13.1 SC.5.P.13.2 and SC.5.P.13.3 SC.5.P.13.4 SC.5.P.8.1 SC.5.P.8.2 SC.5.P.8.3 SC.5.P.9.1

Big Idea 1 - Practicing Science and Big Idea 2 - Characteristics of Science

Measurements Measurement Tool Stations Making Observations Tootsie Roll Lab

Big Idea Two

Making Observations of Clay - Worksheet Five_Senses Scientist Bio - Poem Template 2

Big Idea 8 - Properties of matter

Nature of Science - SC.5.P.8.1 Compare Properties of Matter PPT Observing Matter Investigation Matter Takes Up Space Matter Has Mass Matter Can Matter Analyzer Identifying Properties of Matter Five Senses

Mixtures and Solutions

SC.5.P.8.3 Mixtures and Solutions Mixtures Identification Lab What Is A Mixture? Solutions Solutions Mixtures

Changes In Matter

 SC.5.9.1 Changes in Matter PPT SC.5.P.9.1 Changes in Matter Teacher Notes Chemical Changes Physical & Chemical Properties of Matter Physical Changes Physical Changes During Fire SC.5.P.9.1_Changes in Temperature Lab PPT Change in Temperature Lab_ Teacher Change in Temperature Lab_Student

Big Idea One and Two - Thinking Like a Scientist

Think Like A Scientist M&M Lab PPT M & M Experiment Lab Sheet Designing An Experiment Hypothesis Scientific Method Investigating Evidece 2015 Teacher Resource SC.5.N -Thinking Like a Scientist Investigatging Evidence

Big Ideas 8 & 9 Review

Matter Jeopardy

Big Idea 13 - Forces and Changes in Motion

SC.5.P.13.1 Force and Motion PPT Forces In Action Essential Lab 3 PPT Bayer - How does a parachute work Parachute Research Force and Motion CER Conclusion Writing Now That's Fast (Reading Passage) Zamboni (Reading Passage) Force and Motion Station Activity Cards Puff Mobile STEM 4.0 PPT Puff Mobile Background Essay Puffmobile PBS Lab Sheet

Grade 5 Quarter 2 By Benchmark

SC.4.E.5.4 SC.4.E.6.1 SC.4.E.6.2 SC.4.E.6.3 SC.4.E.6.4 SC.5.E.5.1 SC.5.E.5.3 SC.5.P.10.1 SC.5.P.10.2 SC.5.P.10.3 SC.5.P.10.4 SC.5.P.11.1 SC.5.P.11.2

Big Idea 10 & 11 Energy

SC.5.P.10.1 What is Energy SC.5.P.10.1What is Energy PP Teacher Notes A Day In Your Digestive System Balloon Rocket Energy Inquiry

Energy Station Resources

1 - Radio 2 - Calculator 3 - Toy Car 4 - Hair Dryer 5 - Bouncing Ball 6 - Flashlight 7 - Top 8 - String 9. Radiometer Energy Station Exit Slip Energy Stations Guide Hunting For Energy Article - Activity SC.5.P.10.3 Static Electricity PPT

Static Electricity Station Cards

Station 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4

Get Connected - Electricity

SC.5.P.11.1 Get Connected Essential Lab Conductors Insulators Ohms Current Electricity Circuits Electricity Writing Prompts Electricity In The Real World Electrons How Do We Create Electricity Batteries What Is Electricity? What Is Electricity & Where Does It Come From?

Big Idea 5: Earth In Space And Time

SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - Earth in Space SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - Earth and Space Teacher Notes SC.5.E.5 Earth in Space Student Game Stations SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - Planet Data Table Activity SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - Solar System Pictures SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - Solar System TG SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - Solar System SE SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 - What Did You Learn SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 -Close Look At Sun Stars SC.5.E.5.1, SC.5.E.5.3, SC.4.E.5.4 -Solar System Activity Big Idea 5 - SC.5.E.5.3 - Earth and Space Stations - Notebook Pages

Big Idea 7 Earth Systems and Patterns

SC.5.E.7.1 SC.5.E.7.2 Water Cycle. SC.5.E.7.1 SC.5.E.7.2 Water Cycle Teacher Notes  SC.5.E.7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6 Weather and Climate SC.5.E.7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 Weather and Climate Teacher Notes The Suns Angle on Different Parts of the Earth Cloud Observing Form  CER How Do Snowflakes Form? Gas to Liquid to Solid - FROST Activity Making Condensation Lab Activity with CER  Earth Systems and Patterns Jeopardy

Grade 5 Quarter 3 by Benchmark

SC.3.L.14.1 SC.3.L.14.2 SC.5.L.14.1 SC.4.L.16.4 SC.4.L.17.3 SC.5.E.7.1 SC.5.E.7.3 SC.5.E.7.5 SC.5.E.7.6 SC.5.L.14.2 SC.5.L.15.1 SC.5.L.17.1

Big Idea 6: Earth Structures

SC.4.E.6.1 6.4 - Earth Structures Parts 1 - 2 SC.4.E.6.1 6.4 - Earth Structures Parts 1 2 TE PSELL Connect Mineral Stations Lab 2015 Minerals Stations Lab 2015 Answer Key Minerals Stations Lab_teacher_edition SC.4.E.6.4 - Essential Lab 9 - Response Notebook C.4.E.6.4 - Flowing Water Demo - WeatheringEarth Structures Jeopardy SC.4.E.6.1 - Rock classification sheets SC.4.E.6.1 - Rock Observation and Classification TE SC.4.E.6.1,6.2, 6.3, 6.4 - Earth Structures PP TN SC.4.E.6.2 - Directions for Metamorphic Rock

Big Idea 14 Organization and Development of Living Organisms

SC.5.L.14.1 Human Body Organs Grade Five Big Idea 14 Human Body 2014 T. Guide.tx   SC.4.L.14.1 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants   SC.3.L.15.1 Classification of Animals  Characteristics of the Five Types of Vertebrates  Parts of a Flower Dissection Observations SC.5.L.14.2 Comparing Plant and Animial Organs

Big Idea 16 Heredity and Reproduction

 SC.4.L.16.4 Life Cycles of Insects and Plants SC.4.L.16.4 Metamorphosis and Growth

Big Idea 17 Interdependence

 SC.4.L.17.3 SC.4.L.17.2 Food Chains - Needs of Organisms SC.3.L.17.2 Bagging Photosynthesis SC.4.L.17.4 What's My Role SC.4.L17.1 Food Web SC3.L.17.2 Recipe Card  SC.5.L.17.1. Adaptations Part A  SC.5.L.17.1 Extreme Beaks Adaptations SC.5.L17.1 Birds Beaks SC.5.L.17.3 Hands-On-Activity: Hiding In Plain Sight SC.5.L.17.1 Fish Patterns SC.5.L.17.3 Adaptations Partt B  SC.5.L.17.1 Animal Adaptation Activities Adaptations TPT observations Animal Adaptations - Science NetLinks Animal Project Requirements and Rubric Animal Research Project Graphic Organizers The Opossum Adaptation Activity