BTW Planetarium - The Space Place

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The BTW Planetarium initiative is a collaboration between the Department of Math and Science of Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) and Florida International University’s (FIU) Education Effect, to create a strengthened track for students to venture into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) post-secondary study and careers. Students are offered a vast array of real world, real time and real life experiences. It will provide students with an engaging, captivating, higher order astronomy experience, which will integrate various disciplines in science (including earth & space, life science, and the physical sciences), aligned with the Next Generation Sunshine State Science Standards.

Grade eight students throughout MDCPS will be provided an enrichment opportunity to visit and learn about the universe and the astronomy magnet housed at BTW. The BTW Planetarium creates a space for students to explore the universe, while learning about the infinite possibilities of STEM. Students will explore the universe and look at the stars, galaxies, planets and comets found within it.

Will you be LEFT BEHIND?

Students, do you have questions about space? Add them to our planetarium’s personal ‘inquiry parking lot’ during your visit and have a NASA trained instructor answer your space questions!

Video:  Exploring the powerhouses of the universe and our relationship with the night sky throughout history